Summary On Visit of An Medical Protective Supplies Exhibition

The Economist [Fri, 03 Jul 2020]
Covid-19 is here for a while at least. The vulnerable will be afraid to go out and innovation will slow, creating a 90% economy that consistently fails to reach its potential. Many people will fall ill and some of them will die. You may have lost interest in the pandemic. It has not lost interest in you.

It is a hard year for everyone, at least 2020. We have seen many historic events-the rampant of Coronavirus, the death of Kobe, the US stock market circuit breaker, the date change of Olympics, the lock-down of many countries, the recession of economy,  the collapse of oil prices…, whatsoever, life need to go on.

BE ALIVE is the number 1 priority, especially for the elders and vulnerables. Herd immunity? Or strict control regardless of privacy like China? We are not sure which one is right.

It has been about 5 months since our team’s last business trip, for security. Our company mainly deal with the apparel business, however, we also deal with PPEs due to impact of the virus.

Attended a medical supplies exhibition, seems business in China is recovering. And glad to meet many good factories during the exhibition, so we can continue supply PPEs to our clients with better products.

Safety is important, China government is trying to control the spread of covid-19, airport security is wearing protective gowns, and sit on each other seat is advised:

Also, Chinese can generally follow the rules, everyone at the exhibition wears face mask:

There are factories on Face Masks, Disposable Isolation Gowns, Disposable Medical Protective Clothing, Face Shields, Hand Sanitizers, Protective Goggles, and Negative Pressure Isolation Stretcher:

The pandemic has lasted 6 months, some countries need raw materials and machines, to produce masks locally. Machinery factories also attended the exhibition. Here is a video on the foldable face mask machine:

There are also Automatic PP/PE protective cover machines for ear cover, cap, bed cover and Melt Blown SMS fabric machinery factories: 

Some products are interesting:
 1) Thermometer and Sanitizer Kiosk: this machine can test temperature and provide sanitizers automatically.
2) Intelligent Infection Control Robot: this robot is expensive, can  kill virus & recharge automatically:

3) Face Mask Plastic Bag: very simple product, right? This is for storage of the masks, when doing something can not wear masks, such as eating.

Though we supply PPEs, we DO WISH the pandemic can under control very soon. 


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