Fight against the UNQUALIFIED PPEs

We are a company from China!

To Chinese: it is not ashamed to admit problems, it is shameful to hide and do the wrong thing.
To non-Chinese: Chinese are also human beings, there are good people and bad people, same as in your country.

It is a hard year for apparel business (our main business), to keep business running, we have supplied PPEs to our clients and therefore, have connections with various PPE suppliers.

To learn more about the PPEs, we have joined different wechat groups. Below is a screenshot from one group, the price is surely very very low:

The non-Chinese would say: Chinese are horrible! But, wait! Ask yourself a question: why the unqualified masks can sell? Who bought such masks? The Chinese bad businessman surely should be condemned and punished, the buyers should be the same.

We have read news on bad quality PPEs from China, there are complaints and claims from various countries, Canada even asked Chinese suppliers for recall. Unfortunately, no reports on punishment of importers read.

To fight against the unqualified PPEs, Chinese should have basic business ethics, buyers should focus on quality, rather than price only. Please believe that Chinese factories can always meet your target price, but the quality will be a problem-if price is unreasonable, frankly, believe buyers know the fact.

PPEs are about life, Human Lives Matter!

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